Un progetto che esclude i grandi centri storici e i maestosi paesaggi naturali per concentrarsi sulle terre di mezzo, quelle di una grande provincia non museificata fatta di centri minori non identificabili, di architetture anonime, strade provinciali, capannoni industriali, pali della luce, edicole votive, argini di torrenti e confini labili tra città e campagna.
It’s a project that skips over the renowned historical centers and the impressive natural landscapes held in our collective imagination, to focus on those in-between places of a vast province without museums, made up of unidentifiable minor towns, far from the focus of postcards yet maintaining an inner coherence, of anonymous architecture, country roads, industrial warehouses, lamp posts, tabernacles, the banks of streams and the uncertain boundaries between the city and the countryside.
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